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Site Setup Checklist

Follow the site setup checklist to get your site up running in minutes.

1. Login to Your Store Admin

If you have your own domain name, say yourdomain.com, your store admin URL is http://www.yourdomain.com/admin. If you are using the shared domain name, your store admin URL is http://store.dotshoppingcart.com/youstorename. It might be a good idea to bookmark the admin link to save you typing. When you purchased the store product you had to sign up to our website www.dotshoppingcart.com where you could check the status of your order. After your store is set up, the system will create a default administrator account. The username is admin and initial password is set to the same password that you signed up to www.dotshoppingcart.com when you purchased the product. If you are using DotShoppingCart Suite or open source edition, the default password is admin.

2. Site Setup Wizard

In Site -> Site Setup Wizard, follow the wizard to configure your site.

3. Configure Store Settings

 In Store -> Configuration, set up configurations for you store. Please check Store Configuration for details.

4. Configure Payment

 In Store -> Payment, configure payment options. Please check Payment Options for details.

5. Configure Shipping

In Store -> Shipping, configure shipping options. Please check Shipping Preferences for details.

6. Configure Tax

In Store -> Tax, configure tax rates. Please check Defining Tax Rates for details.

7. Add Categories

In Catalog -> Categories, add your product categories. Please check Add Category for details.

8. Add Products

In Catalog -> Add Product Wizard, add your products. Please check Add Product for details.

9. Test Your Store

Go to your store home page and play with it. Check all pages are shown as expected. Place an order to test if your store is set up correctly.

10. Go Live

Your store is live already. All the changes that you make to your store are reflected instantly. No seperate publish step is needed.


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