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Statistics on Admin Homepage

In your admin home page, there are many useful information that gives you a glance of your store statistics. The "Statistics" box shows the information about page views, unique users and ads references. The "New User" box shows today's new users. The "Order" box show today's new orders or orders that should be taken actions on. The "Order Status" box shows all the orders under different status.

Sales Report

In Report -> Sales Report, you can view your sales performance and export the sales report to cvs file. You could fine tune the report by using Date Range and Payment Type filters. Click "Go" button to refresh the report. If you want to export the report, click the "Export" button.

Who's Online

In Report -> Who is Online, you can see who is online in your web store. It gives you the snapshot on who are on your website, where (search engine, direct link, refer site etc) they are from and what they are doing. It also supports page auto refresh. The minimum refresh rate is every 2 minutes.

User Tracking

In Report -> User Track, you can see who has visited your store in the last 24 hours. You can filter out the people who has less than certain number of clicks. Enter the number in "Show only users having more than" textbox and click "Apply". As you see the following snaphsot you could click through the user link (see the red vertical arrow below) to show the full browsing history of the user.

Product Report

In Report -> Product Report, you cam see category and product statistics along with the inventory information.

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